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Kortek offers services related to Electromagnetic Testing (ET).  Services range from training to consulting and everything in between. 


Online Level I, II, and III Eddy Current courses, easily customizable to meet your training needs.  You can create an account and view sample online training module for free by clicking the link below:

Courses Offered

The following Eddy Current courses are now available online at

  • Eddy Current Level I

  • Eddy Current Level II

  • Eddy Current Level III Refresher

  • Eddy Current Familiarization


Kortek courses were developed and illustrated by scouring over 50 training manuals and training publications to ensure that topics and concepts are covered in a way that maximizes student comprehension.  All courses were developed and illustrated by Ed Korkowski, certified ASNT NDT Level III.  Instructor certification can be verified by accessing this Digital ASNT NDE Level III Badge:

Customizable Courses

Kortek courses were developed one module at at time for each subject area.  Customer-specific content can be included in any course; seamless integration is a snap.  Courses are 100% accessible from mobile devices, and include audio lessons for learning on-the-go.

YouTube Channel

Kortek's YouTube channel has playlists for various ET topics such as Tubing ECT, Surface ECT, ACFM, RFT, NDT Math, etc. 

Visit Kortek's Electromagnetic Testing YouTube site here:  YouTube



Individualized Support

Kortek understands that every learner is unique. That's why at Kortek, personalized attention is available to each student, when needed.  Asynchronous learning allows the student to work through the course at his/her own pace.  Quizzes at the end of each learning module and a practice examination at the end will help identify student strength areas, as well as identify subject matter where the student may need to study a bit more on their own.  Kortek instructors are available to answer questions or topics that may need a little extra guidance.  With our individualized support, you can maximize your learning potential and increase your chances at successfully passing your ET Level III examination, whether it is for ASNT NDT Level III certification or your employer's Level III certification.

Eddy Current Slide Rule Calculator

The Eddy Current Slide Rule quickly calculates F90 test frequencies, standard depth of penetration, and more!

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